Owners Doug Heckenkamp of Advanced Physical & Sports Therapy and and Cassie Heckenkamp of Mile High Medical Gardens, along with employee
Andrew Foresman (pictured in the center, back.)

Physical therapy couples with medical marijuana

By Elizabeth Wood West and photo by Tim Gamble

Husband Doug Heckenkamp has expanded his successful physical therapy clinic, Advanced Physical & Sports Therapy, to include wife Cassie Heckenkamp’s medical marijuana dispensary, Mile High Medical Gardens. The dispensary quietly opened for business in June 2009. Their businesses are located at 858 Happy Canyon Road, Suite 150, in the Village at Castle Pines marketplace.

Owners’ profiles

Doug Heckenkamp is a physical therapist with a master’s degree in Physical Therapy. He became interested in physical therapy after he was injured in a fall while he was a gymnast. He began using medical marijuana to relieve chronic neck pain and migraines resulting from his injury.

Cassie Heckenkamp’s background is in financial planning. Cassie survived a near-fatal car accident and credits medical marijuana for managing her severe pain during recovery.

Why open a medical marijuana dispensary?

Doug’s clientele at Advanced Physical & Sports Therapy includes people recovering from surgery or an injury and/or suffering from chronic pain, something he and Cassie can relate to. Some of Doug’s physical therapy patients are now being treated with medical marijuana.

“My approach to treatment is a holistic one, and very hands-on; treating my patients with medical marijuana is a natural extension of my approach to helping people,” Doug explained.

The Heckenkamps are passionate about the pain relieving properties of medical marijuana. Both are very knowledgeable about the plant in general, its varieties, and specific characteristics as it relates to their patients’ needs. “Medical marijuana offers pain relief for those who can’t tolerate or are allergic to typical pain relief drugs, and is a more
natural pain solution without harmful or addictive side effects,” said Doug. “It can also help some patients sleep better, which promotes better healing.”

Treatment and services

The Heckenkamps say they want to treat the whole patient, not just dispense medical marijuana. They want to understand and address whatever condition may exist that prompts a person to walk into the clinic asking for marijuana.

“A [prospective] patient must first prove to us that they have applied for the medical marijuana registry [with the State of Colorado] by showing us their registration card or copies of their application, check, and certificates of mailing,” Doug said. “We self-regulate, and check a patient’s paperwork very carefully. We evaluate each patient and his or her needs, and develop an individual treatment plan. We want to set a high standard for our business.”

Doing business during a moratorium

Mile High Medical Gardens opened for business before Douglas County’s medical marijuana dispensary moratorium was put in place, and can therefore continue to conduct business. Legislative changes and the establishment of new local regulations may impact how this and other dispensaries will be able to operate in the future.

In the meantime, Advanced Physical & Sports Therapy and Mile High Medical Gardens will be open to those in need of the Heckenkamps’ unique services.

For more information about Advanced Physical & Sports Therapy, please call 720-733-3655 or visit their website at www.asportstherapist.com. For more information about Mile High Medical Gardens, please call 720-249-2492 or visit their website at www.milehighmedicalgardens.com.

Physical therapy couples with medical marijuana
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